Sunday, December 7, 2008

Robo trippin

Evaluating this project should be funny because this mostly definitely pushed me more than any project i have ever done thus far in film school. As i said in my last post my 48 hour video project turned into a 20 something hour video race due to all the other work i had due on the same days i had to work. So first of all i knew i wanted to do stop motion i had been working with alot of stop motion in this class as well as experimental film and i really love the way the projects have come out thus far. So as i was home for thanksgiving i went searching around my house. I came around a few drawers in my library/computer room of all over wires and electronics that were out of date and most likely useless. i found a few old video cameras that i had bak in the days off my young pup skateboarding videos that i had destroyed and no longer worked. I figured out since in the project we were not aloud to use a video camera the way i would open it up was destroying one. The idea came from there i make a whole world out of old obsolete electronics and such with stop motion. So i packed up my bag full of electronics and wires and hoped to good security at the airport did not think i was a terrorist. I made it home to wilmington without prosecution and went about to get my prop and hopefully try it into my idea. So dylan picked up my prop for me since i was already working on my pile of other school work. He picked told me they were cookie cutters. i was very happy because i thought the metal idea would match my electronic idea very well. To my surprise he picked me up a bear cookie cutter and the idea of him being a robot bear popped right into my head. So i finished up my music video for experimental at around 9pm on tuesday in the editing lab and rushed home. I ordered a pizza continued to not bathe myself and got to work. I started out with the camera and the idea was supposed to be like someone getting really frustrated with their little mini dv video camera and just fucking it up... cuz i know theres a few times ive wanted to do that, and it felt great to take a sledge hammer to it. So i went on to doo all my stop motion till about 1 or 2 and then started to upload all the still photos and make the stop motion sequences into quicktime movies to avoid problems in the exporting stage which i learned from a project earlier in the year. Doing a project like this makes to very conscious of playing it safe because if you have problems exporting last minute your fucked. So i most definitely played it safe with the technical side. I stopped editing at about 6 am when i was falling asleep in between renderings. I woke up at around 11am and started editing and making titles and such. I got pretty close to completing th edit and decided it needed more. i had stopped in south caroline on the way back from the airport and purchased some fireworks. and i had an already blue-screen painted canvas from an older project. i ran outside and tried to film some quick blue screen smoke and explosions. i didnt light and thing i just prayed for them to work alittle bit because i didnt really have time. It funny how your brain works when your under pressure. some of them worked some didnt and had to just change the opacity but it think it turned out okay. I exported to my video camera because i didnt have to time to go to the lab and find a deck that worked. This was at about 4 30. i jumped into the shower grabber tacobell and ran to jengos to practice our installation for experimental. Due to the circumstances i had the 48 hour video race almost killed me., but it made me grow alot and showed me what i was really capable of. It is quite a challenge to doo everything in 48 hours. granted i had a concept but i really just got lucky that it worked out with my prop so well. All in all looking back now this was one of the best projects we had all year. It was really interesting to see what everyone else came up with as well.

ps maybe this format should be in 6x1 2.0 post a web version of your video and then right you evaluation over top of it. just an idea

Friday, December 5, 2008

6x 1 revisted .. hardly

okay sooo ive been recharging for the last few days sleeping and doing absolutely nothing and loving life because the last few days have been none stop. Monday night i finished my world history paper so hopefully next semester i can actually be a film major. Tuesday i thought id be finishing up my music video for experimental film but i ended up getting into the video and spent alot of time finishing it up so i left the editing lab around 9pm and got home ate and started the 48 hour video race which was now less than 24 hours. I was all set for it because i knew i wouldnt have the whole 48 hours . So my last few days of this class even tho we didnt meet were very stressful, but a good learning process. So i think the only thing i might suggest putting the 48 hour video race somewhere in the middle of the semester and putting something like the found footage project at the end of the semester. i think it definitely pushes us as film makers to have a project like this at the end of the semester but across the board you might get better results from the whole class if its earlier in the semester. As for the rest of the class honestly i would not change anything this was one of the best classes ive ever taken. i love that we actually get to work with the film the very first day we walk in the class i think thats perfect how it is because for alot of people like myself thats the first time they have worked with real film and the hand painting is soo different it prepares the students for a new style of was really nice having soo much time for that project as well. The second project the rhythmic editing exercise followed it well. we switched to video and it gives use more experience with editing in a different style now digitally. Those two projects should absolutly stay how they are. i wish i could give you more to change but really i loved this class soo much i cant say much. i hope i can apply all the concepts i learned it all 3 of the classes i have with andre next semester and i hope he doesnt get sick of me and try and kick my ass all in all 6x1 is pretty perfect how it is and i think everyone next semester will feel the same way.

some older vids

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On a lighter note

Ear of corn shorts kicked ass. And im not saying that to kiss your ass andre because you were the vana white of the program but it did. I did really know what i was getting into i knew they were more experimental shorts, and i recognized Provost from class with gravity but over all i just wanted to go to a good block with alot of variety and thats exactly what i got, plus a Q and A is a very small intimate venue to boot. fucking perfect. bear with me because im bad with names and titles but ill try to go in order. The first film i thought was really interesting. One because i have been messing around with this exact sort of thing... sine rob stole Andre's drawing pad for me to work on taints mouth. Thanks by the way.. anyway i thought it was awesome. a simple parred down idea. Very specific but interesting at the same time. It was just overhead shot from a plane or like google maps and animations of line cutting up the land into what i assumed were developing communities or building or parking lots of whatever the fuck our country feels like putting up. It gave me and very specific feel that i get when im in a plane flying back to new jersey of back here to north carolina. I always get a window seat since i was a child. I traveled a lot with my family when we were all together. Fiji New zealand mexico bahamas puerto rico yearly and all over the states. i was fucking spoiled i know it, but anyway i was always the kid with my face glued to the window ...while my brother was this kid with his head in the vomit bag... but as i got older i would do the same but think about it alot more. New Jersey is one of the most densely populated states in the US. It was interesting to see the progression Ive flown out of Newark or Philly or atlantic city airports sooooo many times and usually go west or south into the rural areas. It was really interesting how the filmmakers sort of simulatd the way corporations of housing developers just cut up land like a puzzle with little regard to what is already there. I really liked the sound scape and the progression of the images with the beats of the song. It was a cool approach.
So the next one that caught my eye was the japanese animated short.. mi mi mi or ayi ayi ayi or yo yo yo shannon just told me it and now i forget. It cover such a huge amount of material in like a minute or two. Im soo impressed with that kind of rapid fire approach. They used the idea of a cartoon child like sing along to address fairly serious issues. and it was fucking a hilarious satirical short. Im a sucker for dancing dicks. I really want to watch it again soo i can quote some of the lines but i think i was laughing to hard to remember any of them..... to be continued

fucking dead chicks

Soooo Cucalorus huh.. this year lived up to all my expectations. some great films some not so great ones some terrible ones and lots of drinking. soo i guess this post will be about the film is did not like so much. Dead Girl... soo background story I was really excited to see this film i love horror films even campy ones. It seemed like this would fit my mold. it was a pretty independent production as well soo i was pumped. I took a little break from downtown so i didnt get worn out my midnight so i could see Dead Girl.i had prior engagements to stop by a friend's birthday party. So i headed downtown at about 11 30 got a seat right up front and sat down to enjoy my film. By that point most of the people at the theater were quite intoxicated. I thought this would make for an interesting viewing experience. So by about 45 minutes through the film i started to become angry and this anger just contined to grow and grow with every use of the word "dude". I anyone says there was no arch to this film they are wrong there is an arch in the quality of acting. It progressively got worse and worse. i heard people argue that the dialogue was modern but i refuse to believe we all talk like dumbasses no a days. It was like if Highschool Musical fucked every bad horror film that came out in the last 2 years and had a "retarded" "dude" child. I hear a total of 45 people walked out of this film. As for myself i made it through the whole film and walked out of the theater at 2 to realize it was every too late to drink that shit out of head because all the bars had closed by that time. Okay soo maybe my review is a little harsh and exaggerated. but it was a learning experience. I know im not gunna like every film i got to at a film festival and this year i saw a few i was not fond of. Good dick was not so good dick maybe mediocre dick as a i put it in shannons paper. but its all for the better knowledge of my interest in film. Im just narrowing down the shit i will never ever put in my films. I will most likely stay away from teenie highschool films now.. I do like horror films but i dont think ive seen a good one in theaters in years. Im not into shock value. I mean two hours of fucking a dead chick. Dicks getting bitten in half... shitting out your intestines.. not me and i know that now. I mean just seeing this film didnt show me that but it sure as hell reassured it. I think ill stick to my classic horror films in private and makes film of another content. Another good asspect of seeing this is ... I feel way better about any idea that i have come up with when movies like these are getting produced out of the taint of the film industry. now i sound pompous again im exaggerating but i still say fuck Dead Girl. oh and ive learned i should ever do movie reviews either.. i learned that just now.. yeh

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